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European Camps Training People to Protest

When it comes to the climate change movement, there have been numerous confrontations, protests, and activists that have stirred up troubles in numerous countries all over the world. Today, a lot of Europeans have felt that they’ve had it with the climate emergency and they’ve been training to properly do something about it.

Earlier this august, there were more than one thousand people that went to a two-week training camp that was put together by three environmental groups – Alternatiba, Friends of the Earth, and ANV-COP21. The group gathered together near Kingersheim in France to train with detailed and carefully executed exercises to stage a protest. The purpose is to show the disruption of the climate summit, and even two false presidents Mickey Trump and Emmanuel Patron attended. The fake leaders had a working lunch organized and they even had their own social media accounts. 

As the training progressed in the camp, the protesters that attended got to practice their demonstration skills and abilities and even had to deal with numerous fake police officers, who were equipped with faux riot shields and even fake batons, so they could prepare for the harsh realities of what would happen when enforcers who were opposed to the protest decided to step in.

There were more than 200 training sessions for the ordeal over a course of twelve days, and all of the sessions were meant to train people to learn how to take actions properly and give people solutions so that when they went to their hometowns, they could create and build groups that were aimed to tackle the climate change issue.

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European Camps Training People to Protest