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Egyptian Ex-President Mohamed Morsi Unfortunately Loses Son

The former president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, has had a terrible time lately regarding the mournful loss of his youngest son. Abdullah Morsi was only 25 when he ended up falling very weak, and then died shortly after he arrived at a hospital of a heart attack.

Over the past year, Abdullah Morsi, like his father, was detained for spreading news and rumors to fellow Muslims of the group known as the Muslim Brotherhood, which is an Islamist group (considered a terrorist group) that was banned after his father, who held a position of leadership in the group, was detained. 

Shortly after Abdullah’s detention, his older brother Osama was also imprisoned after being convicted of killing hundreds of protestors at a pro-Mohamed Morsi event took place.
Also last year, it was discovered in a very rare interview that the entire family had been working on getting Mohamed Morsi’s prison conditions improved, as he was unable to be visited in prison, and therefore he doesn’t have access to the proper medical care, and eventual freedom. 

Abdullah’s death had shocked many followers of the Brotherhood that have been emerging enough to express their agreement that they don’t’ like the current ruler. At the same time, with the youngest son out of the picture, and one of the primary spokespersons of Mohamed’s campaign, and the older son being behind bars, it’s now even more unlikely that Morsi is going to be given any proper rights that the family was fighting so hard for.

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