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Ecology Ottawa

Ecology Canada – Green Environment Ottawa

Ecology Ottawa is a special volunteer organization in Ottawa that is around to help create self-sustaining areas that are perfect for naturalists everywhere. They’re working to make Ottawa the greenest capital in Canada, and they are taking the country by storm, with numerous communities made by its members who help to make the world a better place. Ottawa is one of the most populated cities in the country of Canada, and Ecology’s mission helps to reduce the environmental pollution and numerous ecological crises that exist in the world today. They work with numerous political parties, companies large and small, and even the local residents to achieve their dreams.

Who is Ottawa Ecology?

The company has had numerous staff members who have worked hard to ensure that they are doing everything they can for the green movement. From animal lovers, to complete naturalists, tree-lovers, and other avenues of everything to participate in the “green” movement, they are run by a creative team of members and have numerous programs to help better the city and the local area.

The Ottawa Ecology Programs

There are numerous programs that are in place by the group, and they include numerous subcategories to provide a green infrastructure from the ground up, including the Living City project, the Active City project, Renewable City project, the local Council Watch, and Ally Activities. The Living Cities even has a tree campaign and helps to create healthy resources that provide protection for greenspace. The Active City project includes many smaller programs to improve cities with safety, streets, air quality, and much more. The Renewable City helps to provide renewable resources to help on both the local, provincial, and even the federal levels, and includes green recovery as well as an action plan for quick environmentally aware neighborhoods in a jiffy with a positive action plan.

Protecting the Trees

One project that Ecology Ottawa has been partaking in since the days of 2014 is to help protect the natural forests in Ottawa. Some major suppliers of paper, toilet paper, and other disposable waste have been using the trees in Canada for a very long time, and some of them even got in trouble with major retail outlets because they were supplying Canadian stores with goods made from trees in Ottawa. Therefore, they’ve done everything they could to raise funds to create Ottawa’s very own Urban Forest project to improve the biodiversity. They’ve made waves in major media outlets and even social media outlets everywhere, and they’re pushing to get even more exposure as time goes by. What started out as a tiny project is now a fully-fledged green peace project that is undeniably the best one out there in the country (and one of the most popular).

Can You Donate?

Of course you can! They’re a non-profit organization after all, and many of them accept donations big and small from anyone, as well as offer the ability to volunteer to make Ottawa a healthier place, as well as the rest of the planet. While there is a lot of work in Ottawa in terms of pollution, this team is truly trying to make a difference, and wanting to reduce the amount of dangers in the area that are harming not only the planet itself, but the people in it. If you wish to donate, you can simply go to their website and donate by clicking the button on the top menu of their page.

How Do I Get Ahold of The Team?

One of the main things that you should know, is that unlike many companies and non-profit organizations out there, they’re not afraid to put their business first, and you can literally write every single one of their employees an email straight from their website. This is a very brave move on their part, but it’s something that they work together on creating and sharing so you can have the best green experience in Ottawa on its journey to be a greener city.


If you’re wanting to look into saving the entire city of Ottawa, the country of Canada, or the world, then don’t hesitate to look into the Ecology Ottawa organization to help you achieve your green dreams. They’re there to help, and they’re looking to have you join them in making the world a much better place! You can also check out their numerous events so you can find out how you too can join and partake in special activities throughout the year, and you can even sign up to volunteer at them as well!

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