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CTV News Ottawa

CTVNews Ottawa Canada (CTV)

If you need your news in the Ottawa area, there are a handful of service providers that can provide things from news to weather, but the one we’re going to discuss is the famous CTV News in Ottawa. So what is CTV News? Well, it’s a division of the CTV network that Canada has, and their news division is a strict program that offers both local news that is based on location, as well as national news, and even international headlines that are available across much of the world. In Ottawa, the news network is available on CJOH-DT channel, which is a CTV owned television station in Ottawa. The owner of the station itself is Bell Media, and it is available on VHF channel 13, and their secondary outlet is located at Channel 5, also known as CHRO-TV. Both stations share studios, and are actually headquartered at the Market Media Mall in downtown Ottawa.

Programs Available

With there being such a diverse amount of content available on the news stations themselves, they are often split into various times at their peak air time, which is noon, 6 in the evening, and 11 PM respectively, and sometimes they’re on at 11:30 on weekdays, and as 6, 11, and 11:30 during the weekends. Some markets also have a 5PM newscast that are produced in other areas of Canada. In the morning, they have CTV Morning live on two eastern Canadian stations. CTV News itself however is headquartered in Toronto, while their subsidiary channels are all over the nation. 

Their National Programs includes nightly newscasts called “CTV National News”, W5 which is a news magazine show, and Question Period which is a direct interview news feature. CTV Also operates 24/7 on the CTV News channel and the Business News Network which are able to be viewed all over Canada including Ottawa.

The Internet Revolution

In November of 2000, CTV News created their website, and registered their domain for ctvnews.ca through the courtesy of Bell Media Inc., which is also the successor in interest to Baton Broadcasting (the old name for CTV Inc.).  Their website was somewhat bland at first of course, but now with the dawn of the digital era, CTV News has thousands of recorded broadcasts online (almost all of their broadcasts are available onsite and throughout social media feeds), and they feature weather which is sponsored by many local agencies in Canada. 

Morning Shows

There are a ton of morning shows on that the CTV News Inc. brings its viewers, from CTV Morning Live, their main morning show, as well as many segments on their website, contests, events, and even have Ask the Expert Featurettes and Morning Birthdays segment covering people’s birthdays whose loved ones call into the show to with them a Happy Birthday.

They have a ton of other shows though, and have since spread to different shifts (keep reading for more).

The CTV News Inc. Cast

The cast of CTV personalities is actually a pretty small one, despite the channel’s success. Here below are some of the news personalities, and their associated shows. 

Hosts that Cover National News

  • Marilyn Denis – Host of the Marilyn Denis Show
  • Lisa LaFlamma – CTV National News Anchor
  • Ben Mulroney – etalk anchor and Your Morning Anchor
  • Anne-marie Mediwake – Anchor for Your Morning
  • Kevin Newman – W5 and CTV National News
  • Sandie Rinaldo – Also a W5 and National News Anchor
  • Loyd Robertson – W5 News

CTV Regular Anchors

  • Todd van der Heyden – News Anchor for the Afternoon Express
  • Marcia MacMillan – Evening Direct Anchor
  • Don Martin – Host for Power Play (a Political News show)
  • Maria Shapiro – Host of Dr. Marla and Friends

News at 6 Anchors

  • Tara Nelson – Calgary CTV Anchor
  • Ken Shaw – Toronto CTV Anchor
  • Graham Richardson – Ottawa’s CTV Persona
  • Mutsumi Takahashi – Montreal Anchor
  • Paul karwatsky – Montreal Anchor
  • Meghan Furman – Kitchener Anchor
  • Tara Overhold – London Anchor

CTV National News Reporters

This is the list of national news live reporters that travel for the CTV:

  • Jeanne Beker – The Marilyn Denis Show
  • Jully Black – etalk
  • Avis Favaro – National news
  • Richard Madan – National news
  • Joy Malbon – National News
  • Craig Oliver – National News
  • Omar Sachedina – National News
  • Paul Workman – National News

Personable Features

In 2008, a section of CTV News emerged and they introduced a way for their viewers to upload images and videos that correlated with current events, and things that were being covered. Not only that, they can upload media for any of the CTV stations or programs. This greatly increased their viewer count as it brought a large quantity of distribution which featured videos often created like mobile uploads and more that can be featured by the news anchor’s shows, as well as be featured on the CTV News website. These movements have seen numerous levels of success and have even increased ratings among media and news channels worldwide.

Conclusion – CTV News Ottawa

With the integration of social media over the recent years, you can now literally view CTV News Ottawa anywhere in the world on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, and more. They also have an RSS Feed and e-mail newsletter you can sign up for, which makes them one of the most diverse networks on the planet, let alone Canada. They actually are almost comparable to the American Broadcasting Network as far as rankings and network size goes.

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