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Crown Cross-Examines B.C. Man Accused of Murdering His Children

Andrew Barry stated that on Christmas day of 2017, a man stabbed his two daughters, murdering them in cold blood. However, despite the case being brought under examination in the past, the Crown has decided to cross examine this case, simply because he did one thing that many people agree that a cross examination was necessary for – he waited a long time and didn’t tell everyone about his case.

Now that he’s being cross examined, he says that he didn’t do it, and is even now on trial for two accounts of second-degree murder, pleading not guilty of course to the deaths by stabbing of his two daughters, six-year old Chloe, and four-year-old Aubrey. Both girls were discovered in the bathtub in his apartment naked and suffering stab wounds. Now the B.C. man just wants the courts to leave him alone to die, as he’s stated numerous times.

Berry’s apartment was a legitimate mess, and one of the arguments against his story that he was in debt with a “loan shark” named Paul, was that he states it could have been the loan sharks or the first responders that ransacked his home. However, they even brought his sister to the stand to vouch for him and even she said that his whole house had always been cluttered, and it wasn’t surprising. 

Supposedly Berry was attacked by an unknown man, but all of his bloody clothes were piled up beside the bathtub, to which Berry supposedly has no recollection of. There will be more cross-examination going on this week, and the story will be closely followed as loved ones and family members are distraught over the loss of the beloved girls.

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