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Costco Ottawa

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America has been known for years for one of their most famous stores that is one of the highest ranked Fortune 500 companies. But we’re not going to talk about the American stores – we’re going to talk about Costco in Ottawa. That’s right, Costco. Costco has approximately 100 stores and warehouses in Canada alone, let alone it’s almost thousand stores worldwide (including Mexico, the UK, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Spain, Iceland, France, China, and even South Korea – they’re even opening up another warehouse in New Zealand sometime next year. However, despite being opened up in Ottawa and other locations throughout Canada, there is a lot of information that many people may want to know (even though a lot of it occurred in the U.S.).

How Costco Got its Start

The original Costco was called the Price Club local chain back in San Diego, California. Sol Price, the founder started the business with his son Robert Sol back in the summer of 1976 and it started literally in a large series of hangars for local airplanes. The warehouse is now known as Costco #401, and is still one of their operational warehouses.

In 1983, Costco opened its first warehouse in 1983 when James Sinegal and Jeff Brotman decided to open a store in Seattle. James Sinegal worked for Sol Price before as a colleague when Sol worked at FedMart. Then he and Brotman teamed up together because Brotman had an extensive family history of retail experience and had started out bagging groceries at a young age. Later on that fall, they all decided to open another store in Portland, Oregon, and then another that winter in Spokane Washington.

How it Became Costco

By 1993, Costco decided to merge with Price Club and all of the parties agreed to merge the stores and warehouses together because Sam Walton (the famous owner and founder of Walmart stores) wanted to merge with them. Sol gratefully declined and decided to go ahead and merge with his friend’s Costco stores. Both the business model and size of the two were similar, and they also had their friendship which helped to bring the merger. At first, they ended up changing the name to PriceCostco and they decided to make it a universal membership in which Price Club members could buy goods at Costco, while Costco members could equally shop at Price Club too.

This merger ended up helping the PriceCostco stores to have more than 200 stores that gave them more than fifteen billion dollars in annual revenue. In 1994 though, the Price brothers decided to leave the PriceCostco to make their own storm called PriceSmart. By 1997, Costco ended up changing the name again with all of its stores and warehouses and decided to go by the name Costco Wholesale Corporation. Every one of the PriceClub stores were then purchased and branded with the Costco name. The company continued to grow and then ended up going global with their wholesale warehouses and stores. By the year 2019, they have 785 warehouse retail stores throughout the world.

How They Are Today

Costco is still one of the leading discount warehouse superstores in the United States, and they’re actually the top competitor pitting against BJ’s Wholesale Club and even Sam’s Club (a Walton discount wholesale store). They ended up being so popular that even in 2012, they ended up raising their sales from zero dollars all the way to more than 2 billion in sales – and this was all done in less than size years.

They’ve Had Their Share of Mishaps

Unfortunately, Costco has had a good share of problems just as Sam’s Club and Walmart have. They ended up facing legal problems at some of their locations. These stores have had issues with legalities for food and other products that they’ve sold at their stores.

For example, back in 2010, they ended up getting in trouble because they ended up buying lamb meat (veal) that was manufactured and produced by inhumane practices. This ended up being one of the worse experiences that caused Ohio to end up cancelling the whole crate-and-chain method of producing meat by crating animals for slaughter. A couple years later in 2012, they ended up getting in trouble again and had stopped providing pork to customers that was made in the same fashion.

Three years later, the United States Humane Society ended up investigating an egg and poultry supplier at Costco stores. Hillandale Fams ended up showing the company that their chickens were inhumanely living in wire cages too small for them to be able to live and thrive properly. This caused mass media concern, and even brought in the likes of famous Celebrities to write Costco to fix this. After the reports, they ended up committing to a cage-free egg production and removed their deals with the famers who supplied them chickens or eggs made from caged chicken.

And just last year in 2019, the Natural Resources Defense Council ended up giving Costco global criticism for using parts of the boreal forest in Canada to produce a company’s (Sumofus to be exact) toilet paper, totaling more than 28 million acres of Canada’s forest that has been used in the past twenty years for this purpose. And of course in 2020, it has been currently estimated that within the next five years there are going to be thousands of store closings, partially due to earnings not meeting or exceeding goals, and because of the entire COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the world by storm.


If you’re wanting the best in wholesale goods, and you want to get a membership to one of the best stores out there, Costco Ottawa is definitely the top of the line right there along with Sam’s Club. Despite any problems that they’ve had in the past, the Costco brand has been making waves across the world and doesn’t seem like it’s going to be slowing down anytime soon in terms of growth, despite the anticipated future closings of its stores and warehouses.

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