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Come From Away Ottawa

NAC Come From Away Show Tickets in Ottawa

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of musicals Canada has to offer that can par against some of Broadway’s famous musicals, there’s one that stands out above the rest. It’s called Come From Away Ottawa, and it is a popular hit in Ottawa, as well as other provinces of Canada. What’s it about? We’ll tell you in this guide, and we’ll give you a good bit of information that may have you wanting to buy tickets as soon as it’s in your area. This musical has brought joy to the hearts of numerous critics and is one of the greatest shows that has even won amazing awards, and is a part of the Operation Yellow Ribbon project based on the September 11 terrorist attacks that plagued the lands when numerous planes were told to land in a small town in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Storyline in a Nutshell

When it comes to the play, it’s actually about the real residents of Gander, as well as all seven thousand travelers that ended up having to be brought down in the planes. The small town of Gander worked together to make sure that everyone in the area that had to come down from their planes had food and shelter, and worked together to ensure that they were prepared in case of an attack as well. The story takes place on Sept. 11th, and everyone describe how life in the area happened when they learned of the attack against the Twin Towers in New York City, the Pentagon, and the “Rock” (a.k.a. Shanksville, PA).

The entire airspace ended up shutting down, and forced people in 38 passenger jets had to ground themselves in what was known as one of the biggest airline emergencies in the entire Northern American continent. Everyone in Gander pitched in to take care of the flight attendants, pilots, and even the passengers who at first weren’t allowed to leave their jets – and they didn’t even know why they were told to land. Once they were able to get off of the jets, they ended up going to emergency shelters that were set up in the area. The play takes place during this time, all the way up to the time that they were able to fly back to their homes following the tragic disaster.

How the Play Came to Be

At first, Michael Rubinofef, a famous lawyer in Toronto who helped with theatrical production ended up wanting to do something great to show that people could work together instead of individually, and he ended up coming up with the idea to pitch. He ended up going to numerous teams about the play, and then he ended up getting ahold of a couple people who had a famous Canadian 2009 musical. In 2011, both Irene Sankoff and David Hein ended up going to the town of Gander during the town’s tenth anniversary and decided to interview the local citizens and passengers who got to return home.

Eventually, they ended up having what turned into a musical production with some of the testimonials, while others ended up becoming regular scripts. This led to a 45-minute version of the play that was presented to the Canadian Music Theatre Project a year later. It ended up being a huge success, and by another year, the couple ended up writing it into a full-blown play that they ended up playing at the Sheridan College Music Theatre for their regular season. Brian Hill ended up directing the full production, but Rubinoff wasn’t able to get ahold of an actual Canadian movie producer – thus keeping it in the musical play realm. Eventually, it ended up making its way into other musical workshop programs throughout Canada and even North America. Then the play was considered to be turned into a show by Junkyard Dog Productions, who helped produce the movies First Date and Memphis.

COVID-19 Impact

Unfortunately, after almost a decade of work, 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the production, and it ended up halting because of it. The show is going to be suspended at least until the beginning of January of 2021, but due to the restrictions that are in place, and the light of the pandemic, it’s uncertain just whether or not the production will be playing again that soon. That will come in due time. 

Worldwide Attention

The play ended up becoming one of the most famous plays throughout the world, and eventually in 2018 it reached other areas of Canada. It also caught the attention of Abbey Theatre in Ireland, and ended up becoming a part of Phoenix Theatre’s London productions featuring an entirely English cast. Eventually, in 2019 it even reached across the globe, and was featured and opened at the Comedy Theatre in Melbourne Australia, then made its way to China, and other locations as they went on tour. Of course, COVID-19 ended up halting the production from being performed in China due to the risk of the pandemic (it was announced in March that there was a good chance the shows in China would be cancelled). However, they are sure that by the year 2022, that they will be right back on their feet and on tour. They’re even planning to reproduce the show in Spanish and do a version of it in Argentina (at Buenos Aires famous Teatro Maipo location).


The September 11th attacks ended up taking a toll on not only the entire country of the United States, but also the entire world. Many countries knew of the tragedy and shed numerous tears, but more than anything, they were all able to work together to bring forth the teamwork that everyone should have achieved all these years. When world peace was just an illusion, many countries and states, as well as local areas came together to pitch in for the projects to be rebuilt, as well as the character of all of the people involved. The 9/11 attacks also sparked numerous films, as well as musical pieces that have become and are still top hits in the music industry today.

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