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Civilians Killed in Kashmir since Army Crackdown

In the past thirty days in Kashmir, India, it’s been found that five innocent civilians have perished, one being an 18-year old man simply because Delhi decided to revoke their special status in the region. Delhi has had to live without internet access or phone access due to the increased military security, and because the Indian government had stripped the region of autonomy, an entire communications blackout has occurred.

Because of this, numerous protests have lit up the street, and of course most of the responses were teargas and soft pellet guns, but on Wednesday, a senior Army Officer reported that there have been a total of five deaths because of terrorists, people pelting others with stone, and those who were Pakistani members. The same office confirmed the 18-yo that ended up being killed about a month prior. The death was because of a stone that was thrown by protesters. However, the protesters don’t agree with this story.

The protesters state that the innocent civilian had actually been struck by a teargas canister. There really is no clear story of how the other four deaths have happened either, while media has been revolving around teargas inhalations, and other actions that the military has been taking which were more violent than necessary.

The military officials are stating that that members of the Pakistan terrorist and militant groups are trying to infiltrate the region on a nightly basis, and while some of them get sent right back to their Pakistani posts, others have completely been removed from service via military force.

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