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City of Ottawa Jobs

City of Ottawa Jobs – Careers & Summer Job Opportunities

The City of Ottawa has numerous employment positions available on their website, as well as on numerous job listing websites. In the past, it was pretty common to only see jobs listed on the careers page for the city of Ottawa, as well as on the state job boards, or employment centers. Now you can literally go on numerous different websites in order to view and apply for jobs. Some of those that are quite popular are Indeed, LinkedIn, the city’s Job Listing, and even GlassDoor. 

Some of the Best Positions Out There

In this guide, we’re going to give you not only some of the highest-paid positions out there, but also give you some summaries of what jobs that you can look for with the right education, training, and skills that pay the highest. We’re going to go in a top 3 ordering 1 as the highest and 10 as the lowest out of the highest paying jobs in Ottawa working for the city.

  • Social Policy Manager, Research and Analytics
    Salary Range: $107,500 per year.
    Hours: Full Time – 35+ Hours per week
    Affiliation: MPE
    Max Salary: $135,913
    About the Job
    This position means that the person would be responsible for all strategic leadership and departmental social policies, analytic research, programs and services, as well as provide the direction on development strategies in order to support the various council, departmental and community priorities in meeting legislation requirements (laws) in delivering social services.

The said manager would also be managing, supervising, and evaluating legislation requirements that had to do with human services, social policies, operation programs, development, implementation, and testing of legislations, plans policies, guidelines, systems, and even processes or procedures that the department performed.
Must have 8 years in public service, as well as experience with business. This is an English speaking role, and you must have a 4-year college degree (or a Bachelor’s) in social policy or administration, social work, or even policy administration.

  • Geoscientist
    Salary: $82,815 – $100,775 per year
    Hours: Full time Temp position (up to 2 years max) – 35+ Hours per week
    Affiliation: CIPP
    About the Job
    The Geoscientists is actually going to be in charge of developing as well as maintaining the geoscience database and create a 3-D model of Ottawa, as well as serve as a corporate expert on the data of everything and how it’s interpreted, as well as the testing of it.

    Every candidate must have a 4-year degree in Science, Applied Science or Engineering with an emphasis on Geology, geophysics, geoscience, or any other related field.
    They only want people to apply who have a minimum of 5 years of experience, and reading and writing English is required. The candidates must have numerous geoscientific knowledge, as well as have programming skills in order to create a 3D map.
  • Senior Analyst Information Technology Business
    Salary: $82,815 – $100,775 per year
    Hours: Full Time 1 year position (Temporary) at 35+ Hours per week.
    Affiliation: CIPP
    About the Job
    This position is a Senior IT Business analyst job who will work to implement and continuously improve the IT service of the City of Iowa. You have to have some advanced expertise in ITIL 4 or ITIL v3, as well as be able to have service management practice experience, a special interest in IT as well as knowledge of it. You must have a 4-year degree in business administration, computer science, engineering, or related field, as well as 5 years of experience in systems analysis and business. This is an English speaking and reading/writing position as well

Of Course, That’s Not All Folks!

While the city of Ottawa has these as their highest listed jobs, they aren’t the only positions open. Some positions also include the following:

  • Environmental Lead, Stage 2 Light Rail Train
  • Solution Analyst
  • Intake Specialist, Application Screening Unit
  • 311 Casual Client Service Agent
  • Supervising Librarian
  • Advanced Sport Specialist
  • Tree Worker

Aside from these positions, there are other positions that are affiliated with the City of Ottawa, but they are hired through staffing agencies that can help you get your foot in the door should you have some, most, or all of the skills necessary to work certain positions. 

Benefits of Working With the City

When it comes to some of the best perks you can get working for a company, working for the City of Ottawa has some of the most extensive. Some benefits included massage therapy, chiropractor coverage, psychotherapy, naturopath and neuropath, as well as Dental and prescriptions that only have a 10% co-pay, much lower than many other areas that you can work for. Part-time benefits aren’t always the greatest, but if you work full time, you can even get short-term disability and long-term disability packages, as well as their great understanding of having to take a leave of absence for a child. Most companies only offer up to a few months for having a child or adopting, but the city is very keen on family and want you to get the most out of it, so they’ll provide you with an entire year of leave coverage. Not only this, but they offer a very good rate on their pension policy according to most full-time users.

Conclusion – City of Ottawa Jobs

There are numerous City of Ottawa jobs not even listed in this article, such as a customer service representative, which means that the City of Ottawa cares about all of their employees, and they are considerate when it comes to having positions that are literally from advanced technologies and degree-based jobs, all the way down the ladder to part-time positions to help benefit students and other members of society. While some of the lowest paying jobs working for the city, may not be nearly as much as the top 3 on this list, they still pay rather well compared to some other companies in the area that aren’t working for the city, as well as the chance to move up and be hired within so you can reap the full-time rewards.

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