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Cineplex Ottawa

Cineplex Cinemas Ottawa Carling – Location & Showtimes

Leading the same boring life every day can often make you frustrated and tired both physically and mentally. Occasional fun activities with friends or family members is always welcome. Some prefer to go out to pubs and bars and some like to hang out with friends in a movie theater. Talking about movie theaters, one of the most popular amongst all is Cineplex.

About Cineplex

Cineplex Inc. was formerly known as Galaxy Entertainment Inc. and Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund. It is basically a Canadian entertainment company that has its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. With the help of its operating subsidiary, Cineplex Entertainment LP, there are a total of 165 theaters across entire Canada that are operated by Cineplex.

You will notice that the company operates different theaters under multiple brands, such as Cineplex Odeon, Cineplex Cinemas, SilverCity, Cinema City, Galaxy Cinemas, Cineplex VIP Cinemas, and Famous Players to name a few.

Cineplex Ottawa is said to claim the heritage of Famous Players Film Corporation at the time of its foundation in the year 1912. This was followed by the inception of Odeon Theaters in Canada in the year 1941. In the year 1978, Odeon merged with the Canadian Theaters chain and soon became Canadian Odeon Theaters. It was in the year 1979 that Cineplex Corporation started its operations. Soon, the world witnessed the merging of Odeon and Cineplex in the year 1984 and the birth of Cineplex Odeon Corporation happened.

The company has been owned by Onex Corporation ever since the year 2002. However, it was soon publicly traded in the year 2011. It is interesting to know that Cineplex is also the owner and operator of a number of brands for entertainment, including Xscape Entertainment Center, UltraAVX, and Player One Amusement Group. Apart from cinemas, Cineplex also owns and operates a few popular restaurants such as Poptopia and Out Takes.

Arcades and Amusements

When you visit most of the Cineplex locations, you will notice that it features arcade areas under different brands. It was in the year 2009 that Cineplex started deploying an all-new concept that the world knows as Xscape Entertainment Center. It was incorporated in various new locations and used to replace existing locations in order to use the format.

Almost 77 of the Cineplex locations continue to house a “Cinescape” arcade, thus, replacing the TechTown brand that was previously deployed by Famous Players and Playdium. Cinescape was also used to replace Zero Gravity brand that was launched by Galaxy before it merged with Loews Cineplex Canada in the year 2003.

Cineplex owns Playdium, which is a major arcade and family entertainment center in Mississauga, Ontario. It was on the 2nd of October, 2017 that the company announced a revival of the Playdium brand as a new entertainment restaurant chain that catered to the needs of families. The first location of the newly established Playdium was in Brampton, Ontario in the year 2019.

Food and Beverages

In a total of 94 Cineplex theaters, you will Outtakes restaurant serving the guests. Some of these have replaced many of the previous restaurant partners such as KFC, New York Fries, and Burger King. In the other locations, Outtakes has been introduced for the first time and those locations did not have a restaurants earlier.

You will find some of the Xscape and VIP Cinemas locations with a licensed lounge that offer more premium quality products as compared to Outtakes. At the same time, there are 22 Cineplex locations that have Poptopia serving the guests. It happens to be a flavored popcorn restaurant that offers full-service in these locations.

Those of you who wish to have ice creams will find TCBY and Baskin Robins in most of their locations. These are the two brands that basically debuted in Cineplex locations. During the year 2007, Yogen Fruz was the preferred ice cream partner for Cineplex. However, on the 1st of January, 2014 Cineplex managed to acquire 50% stake in Yoyo’s Yogurt Café.

By the month of January, 2017 almost 77 Cineplex locations housed Yoyo’s restaurants and almost 23 Cineplex locations had Yogen Fruz. TCBY featured in almost 16 different Cineplex locations. Cineplex also manages Melt Sweet Creations, which is an in-house dessert boutique brand that targets women customers between the age 19 and 35 years. This brand made its debut in the month of December, 2017 at Cineplex Cinemas Queensway and VIP. You will find Melt in 13 different Cineplex locations.

Theater Chains

The flagship banner of Cineplex includes Cineplex Cinemas. However, there are some old locations that still use the previous Cineplex Odeon branding, along with Scotiabank Theater. Some of the chosen banners from Famous Players are still visible in certain locations, including SilverCity and Famous Players. However, these banners, along with many others have been replaced by Cineplex Cinemas.

Premium Formats

Some of the Cineplex locations provide premium quality screens along with features that are aimed at people willing to purchase costly tickets. These include large-screen formats, VIP, and motion seats. When you visit a Cineplex Cinema, you will notice that the Prime Seats are mainly reserved seating arrangements in some chosen auditoriums located near the middle of the audience. At the same time, UltraAVX auditoriums are equipped with larger wall-to-wall screens with special 4K projectors, coupled with reserved seating, and Dolby Atmos surround sound.

You will find some Cineplex locations that come with D-Box seats. These seats offer motion effects that are synchronized with the movie. There are almost a dozen Cineplex locations that provide D-Box on UltraAVX screens. 4DX is a 4D format of movies that was first launched by Cineplex at their Yonge-Dundas location on the 4th of November, 2016.it made its debut alongside the movie premiere of Doctor Strange and it happens to be Canada’s first movie screen that features the 4D technology. It naturally includes a stereoscopic 3D along with seat movements and various other practical effects such as smell, strobes, and wind. With time, Cineplex did introduce this technology in various other of its locations for its viewers.

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