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Canada Issues More than 3,500 Permanent Residence Invitations

This year alone, more than 59,000 potential residencies have been invited as Express Entry candidates in Canada. This past week (on September 4, 2019), they ended up inviting approximately 3,600 more people to join the Express Entry residency. 

Express Entry system is the way that Canada is able to hire and get skilled foreign workers to join citizenship of Canada, and the system is the way that it manages profiles of people who can join the Federal High Skilled immigration programs (which there are three) in the country. There is the Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades, and even the Canadian Experience Class of Express Entry citizens available.

Every candidate that qualifies for the program are entered into a pool for Express Entry and then ranked based on a score that considers numerous factors about the worker’s experience, proficiency in language, education, and even age. The highest ranking candidates are then given an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

The draw that is the closest to now is only a week away on September 17th of 2019, and this will bring the total to approximately 59,800 residency invites that have been issued in 2019 by the Express Entry system.

Last year, there was a record level of immigrants that received candidacy, as more than 89,000 ITAs ended up receiving. However, that was in a total of the year. There are still a few months left, and therefore it’s presumed that there may be a record number hitting the country again this year.

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