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Cabela’s Ottawa

Cabela’s Ottawa Canada Outdoor Hunting & Fishing Store Hours & Location

Cabela’s brand is highly known all throughout America, including the United States and Canada. While they’re currently owned by “Bass Pro Shops” in Nebraska, US, the company was originally created as a standalone company that specialized in being a retailer of hunting and fishing supplies, goods, accessories. In this post, we’re going to tell you the story of one of the most famous hunting and fishing retail giants out there to date as well as even provide some info about where you can find them in Ottawa.

The History of Success

Cabela’s started out in the early 1960’s when Richard Cabela bought $45 United States Dollars-worth of fishing lures when he went to a furniture expo. After he did this, he advertised in a local newspaper all of the fishing flies he purchased and had very little luck. Because he only had one person respond to his ad, he decided to place an ad in the Sports Afield magazine, and he made an itemized catalog of all of the items for sale that he included with each purchase.

Cabela’s business grew more and more, and then in 1963, he and his wife moved to Sidney, Nebraska and brought on Dick’s (Richard’s) brother Jim Cabela into the business. The company slowly grew to a traded corporation over time. They ended up averaging over three billion dollars in sales while they were a standalone business, with half of their sales coming from their hunting supplies. One-third of those purchases ended up being firearms and accessories by 2012, and another thirty percent of revenue ended up being from catalog and online orders, while the majority of the purchases (approximately 59 percent) was completely derived from retail store of Cabela’s products in stores. The rest of Cabela’s income was from passive income and credit card purchases.

Legal Issues

In 1996, another popular corporation named Gander Mountain, was near bankruptcy as it had a mail order business similar to how Cabela’s started out. Over time, Cabela’s ended up suing Gander Mountain for running their mail-order business, with no avail. Gander Mountain won the case, and ultimately ended up putting up a website to sell in their online stores, and they were Cabela’s main rival both online and offline. However, they ended up messing up because in 2013, Gander Mountain released a product which infringed on a patented item that Cabela had designed and sold. Gander was selling this item without rights to the patents, and later on that year (in December), Gander countersued Cabela’s patent infringement case for what is called “cybersquatting”, which is registering trafficking, or using an internet domain to keep profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else.

Coming Up to Recent Years

In 2014, there were numerous changes that many felt were extremely unfortunate. In February, Rick Cabela died in his own Nebraska home at the age of 77 and the death was publicly announced by the company. Unfortunately, this led to them selling their real estate division to Sports Afield, and then the next year, they sold their T.A.G.S division to Worldwide Trophy Adventures.

Big Business Acquisition

In 2015, United States Sports catalog giants Bass Pro Shops wanted to keep the business name alive because they both had a similar goal in mind, and that was maintaining the sale of hunting and fishing gear for sportsmen alike. The sale took approximately two years to complete, and eventually, for four billion dollars, Cabela’s sold their company completely to Bass Pro. There was a great deal as to why this happened, but contrary to many people’s beliefs, the majority of it was financial. Along with this deal, Cabela’s credit card ended up being sold to Capital One who was a large influence and interested from the entire Bass Pro deal.

In November, there was a 21% decline in Cabela’s stock price, and the company was deeply considering alternative strategies from one of their investors that had an eleven stake of Cabela’s. Because they shared similar roots, Cabela’s and Bass Pro teamed up and discussed that they were very comparable by posting a video online at the Bass Pro website which told customers about the merger in advance. The video can still be found on YouTube today. The company ended up relocating the combined company to Springfield, Missouri back at its hometown in order to bring the entire operation “home”, yet still keep it local. Their influence on the town of Springfield Missouri is humongous, as it is also in the rest of the United States and even in Canada. They’ve opened stores all over Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and even yes, Ontario (Ottawa being one of the most visited stores).

What You Can Find at the Store

At the store in Ottawa, there are all sorts of different departments, whether you are looking for archery supplies, hunting firearms, safety course trainings, conference rooms, Bargain Cave (a little section of the store that features numerous clearance items, from apparel all the way to actual hunting and fishing items), a fly fishing lure shop, the famous Fudge Shop, Gift Registry, and they even have high quality taxidermy displays of wildlife all over the store in order to keep you in the hunting and fishing mood all year long.

The Cabela’s Website

Literally everything you can find in the store, you can also find online. You can also find items that they may not have in a particular store, and actually, have it delivered to your store from the website. You may have to call your local store and find out if they have an item in stock if you’re in Ottawa.

Cabela’s Ottawa Location:

Cabela’s Ottawa

3065 Palladium Dr.
Ottawa, Ontario
K2T 0N2

Conclusion – Cabela’s Ottawa

It’s no wonder why Cabela’s is one of the world’s leading hunting and fishing suppliers, capable of being there for everyone. For almost the past 60 years, Cabela’s has been the leading sales company of literally everything that is suited for every single season, and they have much more than other popular retail stores have to this day (as well as some items which are actually sold at those other retail outlets like Wal-Mart, and other sporting goods sections of stores).

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