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Cabana Grille Kelowna

Cabana Grille is now closed unfortunately.  You can see some of our other great food resources here:

Cabana Grille is a restaurant in Kelowna that was set up by Ned Bell in 2008. It was opened on Lakeshore Road just in front of Playa del Sol resort condominium complex. Although it was established by Chef Ned Bell, Cabana Grille Kelowna is no longer owned by Chef Ned Bell. It is now owned by Werner Kasper who became a restaurateur after leaving he stopped working in the Alberta oil sands. The ownership of Cabana Grille was taken over by Werner Kasper after Chef Ned Bells went on to become an executive chef at Four Seasons Hotel which is located in Vancouver.

Change of Menu

With a change in the ownership of Cabana Grille Kelowna has also come a change in the menu of this restaurant. That’s not all. In addition to the new menu which came into existence since the arrival of new owner Werner Kasper, a shuttle service which will take place during weekends has also be added to the services being offered by Cabana Grille Kelowna.

The ownership of Cabana Grille is not the only thing that has changed. There are other things that have changed about Cabana Grill. One of them is who now plays the role of chef. Since Chef Ned Bell will no longer be around to play the role of a chef, this restaurant now has a new chef in the person of Chef Diana Johnson. Chef Diana Johnson worked at The Rock Bar & Grill which is located at Chances Casino in Squamish before moving on to Cabana Grille as a chef. In addition to having worked as a chef at The Rock Bar & Grill, Chef Diana Johnson also made it to the final stage of Chopped Canada, a famous television cooking show in Canada. As the new chef in Cabana Grilles, Chef Diana Johnson has her plans. Some of these plans include the introduction of lighter fare such as salmon, scallops, halibut, cod, and steaks. Furthermore, due to the arrival of a new chef, Cabana Grilles is introducing a late-night menu which will include burgers and nachos.

About Ned Bell

Chef Ned Bell is responsible for the establishment of Cabana Grilles. That, however, is not the only big thing he has been involved in. As a chef, he is the one in charge of the meals at Dinner in the Sky Vancouver. He has also played the role of the host of Cook like a Chef for seven seasons. Cook like a Chef was aired on Food Network Canada. Furthermore, Chef Ned Bell also led a seafood celebration which took place at James Beard House in New York. That’s not all about Chef Ned Bell. Ned Bell is also the Executive Chef for Ocean Wise, an establishment that is based in Vancouver which was set up for the purpose of creating awareness about the importance of making the right seafood choices. Ocean Wise is not just all about making the right seafood choices. It is also about keeping water bodies healthy as the state of water bodies has an impact on the quality of seafood which they end up producing.

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