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Better Business Bureau Ottawa

BBB Ottawa Canada

If you’ve ever wanted to know about a business bureau that was made as a non-profit organization that is designed to help in terms of marketplace trust between consumers and businesses, then you’ve probably heard of the Better Business Bureau (frequently known as the BBB). The BBB was founded in 1912, and its purpose is to make sure that businesses are meeting up to their standards, and up to standards of the BBB as well in order to get the accredation they deserve. This has helped many people and consumers as well, as they’ve been able to (especially in recent years) help people avoid scams and fraudulent businesses too. There are almost 400,000 businesses that are accredited by the BBB, and literally millions of businesses that are listed on the BBB website alone that may not be accredited, but which have even been rated by the BBB and its consumers alike.

Medical Malpractice is the Root Cause

When the medical industry began having what is known as “quacks” that weren’t performing real medical practice, as well as the drug industry which has been producing numerous items that aren’t made by the FDA, or those that have been proven to harm people (or do nothing at all as they were promised), the Better Business Bureau decided to form to help companies act on the Pure Food and Drug Act. It was structured and funded by their own boards of directors, and each one of the different BBB organizations have to meet standards on an international level, not just the ones on the local level to where they are retained. What’s even better, even though they’re a nonprofit organization, and they have helped and fought against numerous cases across a wide variety of industries, they are not tied or strictly regulated to the government in any way. Their business is that any business that wishes to affiliate with them must abide by their standards through industry self-regulation. And the BBB will not ever endorse any product, service, or business so that they are their own entity at all times, remaining anonymous.

How Do They Work?

The BBB rates businesses on an A+ through F letter scale, much like you would see in general education. Each grade represents just how much confidence that a particular business has in terms of operating in a manner that is trustworthy to their clients and customers. The BBB is not only to help businesses succeed, but it also aids in helping the consumers find out whether a business is truly a good business, or whether they involve fraudulent work. They rate their grade on 17 different factors that a company must abide by in order to meet their accreditations. When a business performs all of these things for their customers, then they can file to be an accredited business by the BBB.

The Canada BBB

In 2011, the Council of Better Business Bureaus office in Canada decided that after the closing of the BBB of Metropolitan Toronto closed (back in 1995) due to the extremely high pay that its executives got, that they were going to integrate with the BBB offices in the United States. This has brought forth the expansion of the BBB into many of the greater areas of Canada, and eventually even into Mexico. By incorporating the BBB into a global and international system rather than a localized self-respective organization has been able to bring forth many changes to just how well businesses are behaving in their industries.

Scam Tracking

One amazing feature that the BBB has is the ability to track scams all over the globe and the nation,. Users can file a complaint, and report a business as a scam to help other consumers from being victims of a fraudulent person or companies activities, and in turn, this can help protect the people (the consumers) even more. You can even see what all scams are going on in your area to find out just what is in violation, as well as be able to make sure that you aren’t subject to an attack by one of these so-so fake companies. Some of these include places like bill collectors, fraudulent account phishers (those who phish for personal information to use again later on), and even fraudulent identity theft. On average, numerous people per year are able to get all of their information stolen and used against them, including things like license numbers, business numbers, phone numbers, emails, and more. In the recent months with the COVID-19 pandemic, these threats have done nothing but increased.

The B2B and B2C Accreditation

In order to develop a BBB accredited company, you need to first register for a company. But don’t think that’s all you have to do. You’re going to have to demonstrate integrity, your brand’s good intent, as well as positive connotations (people in your business are displaying excellent results). At the same time, you need to have a business that is designed to deliver work to the customer that was promised, and that the company pays for. This means that you have to establish trust. You need to build trust for your business, advertise with honesty, and be responsive, as well a s honor your promises to your customers. One way to do this is with communication and privacy to promote your brand’s integrity into the woodworks. Once you’ve done this, and ended up providing a Safeguard policy to help increase your businesses’ integrity, then you can apply to the BBB via their website and hope your business is chosen to be put on a list of companies that are associated with your company for the greater good.


The Better Business Bureau Ottawa is one of the biggest names when it comes to obtaining a professional certification. When you pass their application process, you can put on literally any document that you are a BBB accredited business. This will help you as a business as well by displaying their seal because it will show your customers or potential customers that they can trust you to do a high quality job.

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