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Best Restaurants in Ottawa

What are the Best Ottawa Restaurants – Top Places to Eat

When it comes to Ottawa, Canada, many people know that this humongous capital city has a lot of things has many things to offer. While in the past it was a very popular city for those who are into politics and busy city life, it’s not becoming more popular of a place to actually go for some finer things to eat. In this guide, we’re going to give you a rundown of some of the top restaurants and finer eatery offering a variety of menu items to tantalize your taste buds.

Fraser Café

While you may be turned off by the name and even the plain design of the café, you may be surprised that the two brothers who created this restaurant (named Ross and Simon Fraser) have created a conversational masterpiece. As one of the finer dining experiences, you can enjoy interesting foods like chimichurri, kimchi, and a lot of others. They aren’t thrown together poorly, and they are a very appealing place that offers meals that even the prime minister of Ottawa enjoys eating.

The King Eddy

When it comes to fine sandwiches, there’s always King Eddy. If you want custom made burgers, it’s definitely the place to go for your greasy fix. There are a ton of sports bars and other competitors in Byward Market, but when it comes to fancy dining, with a classic burger joint, King Eddy takes the crown. You can get a ton of that good fried comfort food there, from chicken and waffles to burgers, to corn dogs.

The Restaurant Soif

When it comes to a small-name restaurant making big flavor, there is a little restaurant in Hull that is just secretly nestled inside of an old burger joint. Soif is one of the few restaurants that has delicious small-servings with a Euro-style dining experience, all the way down to their award winning natural wine list. With foods that encapsulate French and Mediterranean cuisine, as well as dishes that cater to the Canadian area too, Soif is a one of a kind “bar n dine” restaurant that offers dining to the adults in the area.

The Riviera Experience

When it comes to an interesting mix of cocktails and French food, you can also get things like French steak and fries, as well as other popular dishes that have been made famous by other restaurants, similar to many steak and potatoes restaurants. If you’re wanting a mixed experience of fine dining mixed with classic restaurant eatery, this is definitely the place to go. You should try their “pig head macaroni” dish for an interesting flavor. If this experience isn’t for you, you can also try the owners’ other restaurants Datsun and taqueria El Camino.


When it comes to yummy sweet treats and amazing bakery-style food combined with delicious Deli cuisine, you can go to Edgar’s and have chef Marysol Foucfault gives a unique homestyle flavor to traditional dishes. The restaurant is also very downhome and quaint. If you want to be the first served, you may want to go early, because the food may come in small servings. Therefore, if you’re wanting a lot, you may want to wait until later in the evening or early in the day.

Sansotei Ramen

Despite the name of course, this fine restaurant in Toronto is definitely  one of the finest noodle restaurants out there. With their pork bone broth made directly in-house, they make sure that you have a variety of noodles to choose from, as well as fresh broths and flavors to deliver a sensational Asian dining experience that’s combined with classic ramen. These aren’t your typical bowl of Maruchan that you may be used to. As a matter of fact, they don’t even use them, and all of their noodles, from Lo Mein to Mei Fun noodles are even rumored to be made fresh.


No, we’re not talking about an actual whale’s bone. We’re talking about delicious seafood, and Ottawa is akin to the finest seafood on the planet. Whalesbone has their very own succulent seafood dishes like salmon skins that are like eating a bag of chips or pork rinds. They’re also the proud hosts of the area’s annual Oyster Festival. They offer custom catering, and have numerous local restaurants on some of the most popular area streets. They offer fine seafood dining for a very good price as well, especially when it comes to their brown bag specials for lunch.


Town restaurant is a mix of Mediterranean, southern, and interesting mix of dishes that offer a unique flavor of fine dining with a one of a kind mix. From their barbecue octopus, all the way to lamb Bolognese, they combine Italian with the Mediterranean and they have numerous classic dishes as well. You can look for their ricotta-stuffed meatballs on their menu, and have your share of good pasta as well if you wish. Located right in the Golden Triangle, they’re sure to give you a fine uptown experience with exquisite dining at the same time. That way you can still have the downhome feeling of a local diner in the heart of the city.

Union Local 613

When it comes to Southern food, you may be surprised to see some this far north. I mean, we’re talking about Canada here. But surprisingly, you can still get some excellent dishes that are very popular for the deep south, such as friend catfish and fried chicken, but this restaurant does things in a unique fashion by styling up their dishes to look fancier. They have what they call “TV dinners” on Monday evenings when you’re wanting some cheap deals, and they have a late night menu items that you can eat while you’re down in the basement bar and lounge. Not only that, but they’re one of the only restaurants in the area that actually takes care of their staff better than many others (they offer health insurance for all of their staff). If you actually want to see their menu items, you can go online and see every dish for yourself on their website as well!


When you want a little bit of special on a tiny quaint plate while having deluxe fine dining experience that even Chef Ramsey would enjoy the looks of, you can look forward to eating some of the best food (truly which has been voted for) in Ottawa. With numerous awards won in the area, the owner, Jon Svazas takes a classic restaurant and makes it simple, cozy, and easy to please with even raw food items to enjoy.

Arts in Bakery

If baked goodies are in your heart (and in the eyes of your taste buds), then this deliciously tantalizing bakery is for you. They have things like dill potato bread, tasty crescents, and even some great deli-style sandwiches, let alone their yummy pastries, scones, and dishes that they give to their public. Not only that, but they have one of the area’s best coffees that you can get, and it’s a unique experience straight out of a warehouse in the downtown area. Not only that, but they offer all of these things for a wonderfully low price that even your wallet can enjoy!


When it comes to enjoying some amazingly delicious deli snacks, you can enjoy some of the finest meats, crackers, and cheeses right here in the historic neighborhood of Glebe, which features many bourgeois locations to enjoy. Not only that, but they have some famous French fries in the area, mixing French cuisine and American style all in one. Not only that, but you can enjoy some of the most delicious antioxidant-rich root vegetables as well if you’re in the mood for some detoxifying treats.

The Meat Press

The chef of this restaurant has amazing meats which are catered directly to your mouths in this wonderful warehouse restaurant in Little Italy. From blood sausage and more ordained meats that are cured very carefully, their sandwiches made with their delicious smoked meats of various are low priced and are some of the most popular items that they sell. They even do a wonderful job at offering a new dinner service too.

Table 85

This restaurant is located very discreetly between Chinatown, Little Italy, The Glebe, and Centertown West, and they deliver numerous tasty Asian dishes that offer some of the finest flavors of the entire area. Right off of Gladstone Avenue, they offer twice-fried Korean chicken, and you can even get it glazed or teriyaki flavored as well. They also offer a wide variety of traditional noodle dishes, or give you some of the best rice dishes in town.

Di Rienzo

When it comes to a classic sandwich shop, you can’t go wrong with the owners at Di Rienzo’s. You can get some of the finest Italian sandwiches that are completely authentic, and while they’re slightly tailored for Canada (using Havarti cheeses for example), and giving you sandwiches at very low prices. Not only that, you can get a few hot deli sandwiches, and more. You can even order pierogis and a cannoli when you grab your food to go, and enjoy a wonderful gem that can only offer the finest foods that you wouldn’t normally find right here in Centertown West.

The New Game Changer

With some of the top restaurants being scattered all throughout Ottawa, it’s easy to see why it’s now not only the capital of Canada, but also the food capital. With a unique blend of styles when it comes to food, Ottawa has numerous areas that almost compare to some of the larger cities that the U.S. has, such as California’s big cities or New York City’s bustling town sections (like Chinatown for example). The population is extremely diverse, so this makes the food available even more of a discovery that you wouldn’t normally have anywhere else.

Do People Come to Ottawa for Tourism?

Absolutely. And believe it or not, some people even look forward to some of the restaurants on this list when they decide to visit Ottawa, whether it’s for sightseeing, or just to get away. Numerous people love to visit the various amenities that the Ontario-nestled capital city of Canada, from everything to the art, the ice-skating, and of course they love to look at Parliament Hill, but now more than ever, instead of just having a positively strong influence that showcases the government image, Ottawa is taking the world by storm when it comes to being able to eat some of the best food all over Canada. Who would have thought that you could get some of the nation’s finest Italian food, from pizza all the way to pierogis, or even some of the best gyros on the Greek menus of some of the restaurants in Canada? The once primarily French-Canadian quarter of Canada is now become a diverse population that is comparable to the United States itself. You can even buy tacos there!

Conclusion – Best Restaurants in Ottawa

These restaurants are definitely not all of the best restaurants in Canada, but some of them have been noted to be as famous as some of the other news-breaking items that have been able to leap into action in Ontario. If you’re ever extremely hungry though, you can always enjoy even some of the best French style cuisine that you could only get overseas. Fortunately for those who travel across the American border, most of the population speaks English as their primary language, even though you can still choose to speak French if you’re a fluent speaker or native. 

If you’re worried about prices, you can even guarantee that it’s a little more wallet friendly, as the current conversion rate for a Canadian dollar is only about 76 cents in the United States. Therefore, for a few bucks, you can have some of the best small cheaper dishes listed in this menu (at even a lower price than you would have to pay in United States!).

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