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Best Buy Ottawa

Best Buy Ottawa, ON – Locations, Hours, Phone Number & More

Many people all over the world have heard of the company known as Best Buy. What many people don’t know about it, is that it actually didn’t get its start as a humongous electronics retail store, but actually was headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota when a man name Richard Schulze decided to create an audio specialty store called the Sound of Music back in the 1960’s. It didn’t even become Best Buy until 1983. Many people don’t even know that this company has stores literally all over North America, including Canada and Mexico, and over the years has had operations in Europe as well. In this post, we’re going to talk about the electronics superstore and tell you all about it. If you’re in Ottawa, there’s a best buy there, so you may want to check them out.

The Start of it All

Back in 1966, Schulze talked to his friend and opened the first Sound of Music Store in St. Paul, Minnesota. He ended up starting the business with literally his own life savings and even got a loan on his home in order to make it happen. In just one year, the store ended up making over fifty thousand dollars in profit and about a million dollars in revenue. He decided to expand this store and within 10 years, there were a total of nine different stores all throughout Minnesota. Unfortunately, in 1981, the largest and most successful store ended up getting smashed when a tornado destroyed most of the building, leaving just the storage room in one piece. By having a “Tornado damage” sale of the overstock in the parking lot. 

Schulz ended up advertising with the slogan that he was going to have “Best Buys” on all items. During the four-day sale, they ended up earning more for the company than they normally did in a month.

Moving to the 1980’s

By 1983 the company still  had ten million dollars on an average per year, and they renamed the store to “Best Buy Co, Inc.”, and ended up expanding their inventory to include other electronics like VCR’s, and other electronics appliances to help target more people in their market. They ended up opening the first store in 1984 in Burnsville, Minnesota, and had a low-priced business model that Schulze had used during his storm damage sale. Surprisingly, the store ended up making more than all of the other stores in just one year. Therefore, they decided to make it the primary direction of the store.

The Stock Change

By 1987 the Best Buy company ended up making it onto the New York Stock Exchange, and in 1989, they renovated numerous stores with more fashionable designs that were brighter and more well-lit. This actually helped by them because they ended up moving all of their stock to their sales floor instead of a warehouse, and there were less people trying to sell their products, but still gave plenty of information to help customers have more detailed self-help on each product. They ended up getting rid of commissions and started paying a flat rate for their sales positions. This helped to make it a more personable experience for their shoppers by getting rid of the pressure that a more “sales-oriented” store would have. Other retailers and manufacturers didn’t like the “Concept II” changes that were incorporated at first, but eventually hopped on board when Best Buy’s stores ended up continuously growing in revenue sales.

How the Millennium Affected the Company

In 2002, there was a change in CEO’s when one of their longest-serving workers, Brad Anderson, ended up taking over after he had worked there since 1973. Since the store had acquired numerous businesses, from Canada’s Future Shop Limited, and many other stores. While they now have a different CEO who was the previous CFO. While Schulze is still the chairman after a fiasco with one of the company’s CEO’s were involved in (they had an inter-workplace relationship with a worker when they shouldn’t)

What Can You Buy at Best Buy?

The options are just about limitless. Best Buy has become a superstore with computers and accessories, cell phones, video recording devices (even drones), baby and maternity accessories (electronics of course), and even personal hygiene. You can even buy some brands of music instruments and the whole thing about best buy is trying to make budgetable experiences for their customers. Sure you can buy a super gaming computer, or some top of the line products as well, but as a whole, there are items for every price range. Want a ninja kitchen system? Best Buy Has them. Want an HP computer? Or would you rather spend more on a top of the line gaming computer? Best Buy has those too. If you want some of the best deals on televisions, they have even been known to surpass other stores like Wal-Mart, and the reason is because their products (even refurbished items) have a higher quality rating than some of the other stores.

Information about Best Buy Ottawa – Location & Hours

The Best Buy Ottawa store is located on 380 Coventry Rd. in Ottawa, and they’re open until 9:00PM every day except for Sundays when they’re only open until 6:00PM. On those Sundays, they open at 11:00AM and every other day it’s 10:00AM.

Other Services Offered By Best Buy

While they’re a major retailer, Best Buy also specializes and have joined forces with other companies to help the world in the green movement. They offer battery recycling of all types, electronics recycling, the “Geek Squad” branch of technicians, and they have electronics drop offs and offer trade-ins from used electronics and games.

Conclusion – Best Buy Ottawa

On a final note, Best Buy is still the leading industry giant when it comes to actual physical location stores where you can find all types of electronics. Of course you can still find plenty of audio and video appliances and those will never go away since that is a part of the company’s roots as a whole. If you ever need anything, simply go in and ask an associate for one of the best electronics’ store experiences you can have.

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