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Apple’s New Apple Watch is a Remake of an Older Watch

Apple has ended up talking about a new Apple watch that is basically just a recap. Everyone was expecting a new series, with something new altogether, but rumors show that they were going to bring out the Apple Watch by revamping an older model, and running new intel in one of their older models based on the Apple Watch Series 4.

There haven’t actually been any references to a Series 5 Apple Watch aside from the analyst Ming Chi Quo mentioning them earlier this week. Keep in mind that Apple has taken a toll during the recent trade war, but it’s been reported that a company in Japan will begin supplying the OLED screens later on this year. There was also a suspicion of a ceramic model of the watch as well. However, there really isn’t much to be known about the new series of the watch.

Earlier this year, FDA cleared the heart health features when the Series 4 watches came with a built in ECG and Irregular Heart Rhythm notification that screens for signs of atrial fibrillation. They have been considering blood pressure monitoring and glucose monitoring, but even those would need FDA clearance as well.

They are talking about adding Sleep tracking however, since other competitors have had sleep tracking on their watches, however they did acquire a sleep sensor company a couple years ago. Apple still doesn’t have a camera on the watch either, although they’re trying to get an Apple Watch made with a camera embedded into the band.

So far, the only things we could get in an Apple Watch for the new possibilities are a brand new upgraded Series 4 edition, or possibly a new Series 5 which could have a new feature and better battery life so you don’t have to charge it every day.

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