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AMD and Nvidia’s GPUs Sales Take a Toll Due to Trump’s China Trade War

One thing’s for certain in tech news today, consumers are enjoying the much lower price of graphics cards and products made by Nvidia and AMD. The Trump tweet stating that American companies need to get out of China are indeed being hit hard, but the two computer giants AMD, Nvidia, and even Intel saw humongous share prices dropping like flies over the past weekend.

While graphics cards have gotten extremely cheap, the tariff on tech goods were only a small portion of the money that was worth it, but now that over #325 billion dollars’ worth of imported Chinese goods are facing the same 25 percent tariffs, it’s showing that companies like AMD are getting the humongous drops, as they have more capital overseas and stock.

AMD’s shared dropped above the 5 percent mark, while nVidia’s only dropped a little more than 4 percent. Intel has been primarily housed and based in the United States, and wasn’t affected as much, only dropping its shares about three percent.

When it comes to making computers however, China trade talks are expected to negatively affect PC construction and contribution, as is the extensive amount of tech products that are actually manufactured from China, or many of the components that are made there, such as motherboards and internal workings that are crucial and vital for PC’s to be manufactured even in the US. Fortunately, though for everyone who’s technologically inclined, the trade war that started last year in October has done little to impact product costs, which are mainly made in China anyway. AMD however hasn’t mentioned the trade war in the recent month when it comes to the latest earnings, so we may not see much of a difference.

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