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AirBnB Ottawa

Airbnb Ottawa Ontario – Rooms for Rent Canada

There is one famous chain of hotels out there that believe it or not, simply started because the owners of the company couldn’t afford their rent. Who would have guessed that years later, they simply would own one of the largest “bed and breakfast” hotels out there? Well, this is the story of AirBnB, and there are locations all over the Ottawa area. In this guide, we’re going to tell you all about the business that got its start years ago, because the history is important when you consider the fact that you can literally rent a flat for a day or even an actual house for a day.

How AirBnB Got its Start

Back in 2007, two roommates had trouble coming up with their rent because their apartment in California was so expensive. They put an air mattress in their living room and decided to turn their apartment into a bed and breakfast, offering people who stayed the ability to stay the night and get breakfast made for them. At first, they were just trying to come up with their rent, but the project actually took off and they were able to make a little more than that. After a year of doing this, they ended up hiring Brian Chesky’s older roommate, and they made him a third CFO of the project, and that’s when they dubbed the name Air Bed and Breakfast.

Because things were picking up, they decided to offer short-term stays which included breakfast and offered a way to network businesses on their site they created so people who couldn’t get a hotel due to the constant lack of vacancies could still find a place to sleep for the night. The original site was Airbedandbreakfast.com and they had their first customers during that summer while there was an industrial conference in the area. Many of them had a hard time finding lodging in San Francisco. 

In 2009, Paul Graham saw great potential in the company and offered them professional training and twenty thousand dollars to start their venture under the terms that he got a bit of interest. Nathan Blechaczyk, Brian Chesky, and Joe Gebbia took this twenty grand and flew with it to New York with the Y-Combinator investment they took part in so they could do a meet and greet with people who joined the site. When they returned, they had a business model to share with some investors on the west coast. Afterwards, by March of 2009, they had over 2000 listings and approximately 10,000 users. They shortened the business name to AirBnB and it has just grown from there. That’s when the big change happened when they started getting homes, apartments, private rooms, and other areas that they were able to invest in.

What Can You Get at AirBnB?

With locations all over the place, they also grew into Canada and there are a ton of locations in Ottawa alone. You can schedule rentals for work trips, a whole family, or just for you and your loved one to enjoy being able to stay in a little bit of luxury, but still, have the comfort of being “home” when you stay at any of the AirBnB locations. Not only that, but you can also host your home with AirBnB and they get a share of what you earn, but you can actually rent your home out to people as well (called “hosting”) so they can have a place to crash and making it a bed and breakfast as well. This means you can share numerous things and provide a variety of amenities like wi-fi for your guests and more. 

How Did AirBnB Come to Canada?

In 2017, AirBnB ended up purchasing a company in Canada called Luxury Rentals International, who rented many villas up to people. The Canadian-based company settled for 300 million and stock into AirBnB, making it one of the largest purchases at the time for AirBnB. Later on, they adopted Tilt, which is a social payment startup project. This helped to increase the amount of people actually buying into the company. After things were going so well for the company, they realized that many business partners were using AirBnB to plan large business trips, and everyone was paying for their own individual costs, and having to “pool together” to make the trips work but only one person was able to pay (usually the company head, CFO, CEO, etc.), so they allowed businesses to have up to 16 people the ability to pay a portion of their own fare for one trip. 

About the Website

Navigating to find your Ottawa crash pad is simple, and is very similar to finding an actual hotel. You simply browse the location that you are wanting to rent in, and then you can see the listings. When it comes to reserving a hosted building, room, or home, you simply have to choose your reservation date and pay for the time. Users have to pay approximately fifty percent of the deposit, and then when they come to check-in, they pay for the room in full. The good thing with AirBnB is that they also have pet-friendly hosts, and you can often rent places that are closer to the attractions you want to actually stay near.

Conclusion: The Expansion of AirBnB

Now since AirBnB Ottawa has grown so large in just a short matter of time, you can book activities and events through the site (which offers hosted places), get AirBnB Plus accommodations (with all of those amenities we talked about), as well as book for work, family, and other accommodations like weddings and anniversaries, parties, and more. For Vacation and long-rental options, they have Niido apartments that allow a person to book for up to 180 days with selected apartments, greatly increasing the ability to help those set up their lives and relocate to various other areas. Of course, you can also possibly find a Natiivo building that is their full-chain hotel that allows people with a real hotel experience featuring concierge, valets, co-work spaces and areas, and more. Homeowners can now also have Natiivo manage their listings or host their units independently on AirBnB, making it a great business investment for those who purchase high-quality real estate buildings for the rental market.

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