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Air Canada and Other Canadian Airlines Fined for Violating Passenger Protections

In the recent weeks, three primary Canadian airlines got slammed with approximately $45,000 in heavy fines because they violated passenger’s rights at numerous airports. Members according to the reports are the companies AirCanada, WestJet, Air Transat, and Porter.

These companies have been investigated and fined by the Canadian Transportation Agency, leading to the very first monetary penalties for violations of the federal Air Passenger Protection Regulations, which came into effect earlier in July.

As far as the regulations are concerned, airlines that are operating to or from airports have to have flights that display a notice when they check in, and they have to have self-service kiosks, and boarding gates. They also must inform passengers that if they are denied the ability to board the plane, or even if that their luggage was to be damaged that they might be able to receive some sort of compensation.

Travelers can receive up to $2,400 just for being denied the ability to board, and just a little over $2,100 if there are any problems that occur with their belongings. However, the reason why the biggest penalty of $17,500 was dished out by WestJet because of seven different infractions where the airline was supposed to post these passenger rights at their various airports. AirCanada was hit almost as hard, equaling over $12,000 for the same reasons, and Air Transat and Porter only have to face $7,500 charges for three infractions. 

While the officials complained, the CTA did however charge the companies a very small fee, comparable to the amount that they could have given, which could have been $25,000 for every single infraction. Just the fact that the CTA was able to strike the airlines was enough to generally put the fear that was needed in order to make them comply and post passenger’s rights as they should.

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