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Activists Challenge People to Sign Net Neutrality Pledge

Late in 2018, there was a new bill passed that allowed cable and numerous other telecom companies to collect more money, and data, and have the net neutrality that we deserved just a few short years ago because the FCC decided they’d do a humongous repeal against it. Not only that, but while republicans led the net neutrality repeal in 2017, just two years after the democratic party who previously operated it decided to install the rules banning internet service providers from blocking and slowing down traffic, which gave a humongous aspect which targeted broadband internet service finally as a public utility, gave the FCC more authority to regulate things.

Of course, the broadband industry didn’t like the rules, because it stated it would cause numerous investment problems, yet the rules and bill still passed. Not only that, but net neutrality also has caused more money going into the pockets of politicians who support it, and that’s something that most people, republicans and democrats alike, aren’t willing to sacrifice their freedom of information and privacy for.

In recent months, many pro-neutrality organizations are stating that they want more than just to get their net neutrality back. They also want them to not take contributions from the phone or cable companies, who are extremely well known for helping to fund supporting politicians who invest money into advertising methods involving them.

Monday, there has finally been a full-fledged site in which almost 20 different groups that support net-neutrality have put together so you can petition to get it in the year 2020.

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