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Turkish Military Convoy Hit by Airstrike in Syria

On August 19th, Turkey had been the victim of a hardened airstrike against a convoy that had been traveling in Syria. The strike was said that despite standing agreements with Russia, who supports Syria in their militant attempts, the air strike that killed three civilians and injured 12 other people ended up actually being a violation of the said agreements between Russia and Turkey.

The air strike was directed at Idlib province which is Syria’s last stronghold near the city of Maarat al-Numan, causing the Turkish convoy to stop in its tracks as the airstrike started and went south to the town of Heish.

According to the Syrian government, Turkey was actually accused of heading to Khan Sheikhoun to rescue the Al Nusra Front group of terrorists although people in the country have been making numerous accusations saying that the government has been bombing people indiscriminately in its fight against the rebel group since the country started its civil war. Unfortunately, this has led to the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people due to the government offensive forces.

Because of the air strike however, there is now bitter even more bitter emotions between Turkey and Syria and Turkey is extremely upset about Russia having a part in withholding valuable information as they received information about the convoy’s route and their whereabouts. 

Despite the numerous failed cease fire attempts including one that occurred earlier in the month, Syria’s government has continuously been accused of not abiding by the terms of the deals between Turkey and Russia and it has caused Turkey retaliating as well, firing rounds at the Syrian government after one of their soldiers was killed in one of Syria’s military attacks.

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