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Traffic Cameras Helped in Hate Crime Charge of Café Owners

Earlier this week, a Winnipeg cafe owner and her son ended up being charged for trying to trigger a hate crime against them after the owner, Oxana Berent, owner of the BerMax Caffe and Bistro, as well as her son have been found to not have stories which added up to the proof to back them up. The victim, Oxana, said that she and her son were assaulted by a robber, and then that her restaurant was robbed and painted with swastikas and other graffiti earlier this year.

The son, Maxim, is the one who called 911 and told the authorities that his father and he discovered their mother in the restaurant. All three however ended up being charged with public mischief because they didn’t realize that their tracks were exploited by their own security system logs, as well as traffic cameras and cameras by neighboring local businesses.

The Berents had told the false information and they found out through cell phone records and communication records that the family had staged a hate crime against them and that they lied about the whole thing. Video evidence from the Home Depot nearby shows that Oxana wasn’t alone in the café. And then a Winnipeg Transit bus shows the family’s Cadillac in the parking lot, and then another camera showed it leaving. The only person in the camera captures was a driver. Home Depot shows that Alexander (the father) was shopping alone at the time of the robbery, and that Maxim was actually driving the car and was not in the passenger seat as he stated to the police.

Lesson learned? Don’t doubt that security doesn’t have its advantages, and don’t lie about things when there is visual proof against the truth.

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