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Ottawa RedBlacks Football Team

Canadian Football League (CFL) Ottawa RedBlacks Team – Roster, Schedule, News & More

When you think of Canadian Football, yes, a lot of times you’re probably thinking of Soccer, and the many soccer teams that are associated with it. That’s perfectly understandable, but what you probably didn’t know is that Canada has their own Football team that is pretty similar to the National Football league that the United States has. In this article, we’re going to tell you some about the sport of Canadian Football, as well as the primary team in Ottawa known as the RedBlacks, who have been a part of the Canadian Football League (CFL) for decades.

What is Canadian Football?

When it comes to Canadian Football versus American Football, there are a few key differences. For starters, you may think of Rugby as a similar sport as well, but this isn’t the case. For starters, both football sports originated from rugby, and it was actually a game that was played by soldiers in Montreal when it first started. However Canadian Football has a longer field when it comes to the playing field. The football fields themselves are wider and longer than American football fields, the goal posts are in the front of the end zone in Canada (in which the end zone is a lot deeper and adds to the length of the field). 

Another notable difference is that American teams have eleven active players on the field, while Canadian football utilizes twelve at the line of scrimmage, which means that the extra player is placed in the backfield, making it more of a challenge. Also, there are only 3 downs before ball-switches, while America has four. There is also the ability in kicking recovery by the kicker, making it more of a kick and return game than American football. Also, the three downs are still for every 10 yards, and although the CFL uses ball standards in place by the NFL, their ball was actually a little bit larger, more like a rugby ball. 

Kicking Fairly and Punt Returns

When it comes to the ball being in play after a punt, in the NFL, you’ll often see that a receiver will often signal a fair catch by accepting his location of where he caught the ball as the ball. In Canadian football, there is no fair catch rule.

All About the RedBlacks

The Redblacks was one of the first teams to actually come about in the year of 2014, and ended up starting with a good win streak, but then lost at the end of pre-season. They did end up getting their first win at the end of the first home game opening against the Toronto Argonauts for the regular season. However, since they were just a startup expansion, they of course had a lot of struggles and tribulations when it came to getting their names out there during the rest of the season. They ended up finishing last, but they didn’t let that phase them. They were going to be ready when it came to a second season lineup.

The Redblacks Second Run

In 2015, the team improved their win streak by winning 8 out of 10 regular seasons after a few game changers that greatly improved their winning capabilities. They ended up getting all the way up to the Canadian-famous Grey Cup finals, even though they were just a new team. The last team that ended up doing that was the 1995 Baltimore Stallions. They unfortunately lost that game by 6 points, which led to them struggling as they were slightly let down the next season. 

The New Years

In 2018, a newly revised Redblack team ended up coming back strong with an all new management team, and some of the original contributing contributors to the team. Despite their losses, they knew they could do it with heart, so they pushed forward and then ended up winning their third divisional title. They made it again to the Grey Cup and ended up just barely getting beaten by the Calgary Stampeders, but they just keep getting better and better. We can only imagine how hard they’re going to hit in the 2019-20 season.

Who’s the Redblack’s Mascot?

The mascot that brings the team the main motivation from the crowd is a goofy lumberjack named “Big Joe Muffermaw”, based on the Canadian folk hero which is about the equivalent to the U.S.’s Paul Bunyon, for his feats of superhuman ability to work hard and chomp down trees, clear forests, and more. After a while though, they ended up shortening this due to some criticism they received, and now they just call him “Big Joe” (spoken as “Grand Jos” in the native tongue).

What about Affiliate Programs?

With their ability to come on strong, the Redblacks is a part of the Goals! Program and offers the ability to help students in school work hard and achieve goals that they set throughout life. They also have a quarterback club that is on multiple social media outlets, and they have a Chartwells champions lunch program that helps high schools and secondary schools. Big Joe, Sparky (The Fury FC’s mascot), and Riley the Raccoon (from the 67’s) are available to be hired for parties, corporate events, and they regularly visit schools in the area in order to help the kids out with their friendly smiles and faces.

Conclusion – Ottawa RedBlacks

With such a short season and being a new team, it can sometimes be a hard road to get your start. Just ask any American Football team. Sure you may have some lucky few that rise to the top off the bat, but most of them actually flop at first because it takes the world time to adjust to a new name being on the field. This is no different than the story for the Redblacks, but we look forward to continuously seeing them grow as one of the nation’s most popular Canadian Football League teams in the years to come, especially after they’ve been able to show they’ve got what it takes with their frequent entrances into the Grey Cup finals since they’ve started!

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