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Originally starting out as a four-page weekly back in the early part of 1845, that was known as The Packet, the future Ottawa Citizen would have its start before Ottawa was known as Ottawa, but rather as Bytown.  The paper’s founder, William Harris, wanted to deliver a higher quality of newspaper that would promise all of its advertisers and readers that it would make a stand to go against partisan ideology. Due to a slump in the lumber market, William Harris would then go on and sell the newspaper to Henry Friel and John Bell in the month of October of 1846. Bell would eventually go on to become the complete 100% owner of the newspaper a few years later in 1849, that being the same exact year that Bytown would be incorporated as Ottawa, essentially leading to the newspaper being renamed from the Packet to its current name, the Ottawa Citizen.

Nearly 100 years later, the then weekly newspaper would switch over to become a bi-weekly one, this being made possible by the invention and installation of the steam press, which would actually be the very first steam press that would ever be used in that entire area.  Shortly after incorporating the steam press and switching over to a bi-weekly newspaper, Bell would go on and sell the Citizen in 1865, to a JB Taylor. This is when the newspaper would be turned into a daily publication, as opposed to the bi-weekly one that it was before.  Over the next few years, the ownership of the newspaper would be sold several more times.

Fast-forwarding to 1897, the Ottawa Citizen would be purchased by a William Southam.  He would appoint his oldest son, Wilson Mills Southam, as the managing publisher and director with a very simple instruction.  That instruction was to make sure that he turned the paper into a very successful and independent community newspaper for everyone in the area to enjoy and get an unbiased take on the news that was being reported.  At the time that Southam appointed his son as the managing publisher and director, the Ottawa Citizen was in third place as a morning daily, only falling behind two evening daily newspapers.

To boost production and reach even more people, Wilson would make the decision to install a press that was capable of printing out over 10,000 copies each and every hour.  This would pave the way for printing a daily evening edition of the Ottawa Citizen which would be able to compete with the two leading dailies, those of which were the Free Press and the Journal. These new evening copies would sell for two cents per copy, but only cost one cent per copy to print. Within just three months’ time, the circulation for the Ottawa Citizen would increase to 2,226 morning subscribers and 3,728 evening subscribers.

Because of the extreme growth in the Ottawa Citizen’s subscriber base, the paper would need to get a new, larger building, and it would get it in 1903.  In fact, this building would actually be the very first building in all of Ottawa that had been built solely for the publication of a daily newspaper. Over the next few decades, the Ottawa Citizen would continue to grow and expand in a significant manner, eventually beating out all of their competition and other rival newspapers.  One of the largest competitors that the Ottawa Citizen had, the Journal, would publish its very last printed edition on August 27 or 1980. After the Journal was no more, the Ottawa Citizen would see a jump of over 30,000 subscribers essentially overnight.

The Ottawa Citizen, which was owned by Southam until the day that it was purchased by not a person, but a company known as Hollinger Inc., who would later sell it to the likes of CanWest Global in the year 2000.  Ten years later in 2010, CanWest Global would have a collapse and not be able to afford the newspaper anymore, allowing Postmedia Network, Inc., to sweep in and take it over. Currently, the Ottawa Citizen has a circulation size of over 140,000 subscribers.

With such a large circulation, you may be wondering what makes the Ottawa Citizen so popular that it has been around since the 1800s.  The answer to that is simple, as all the paper has done is to stay true to its goals of bringing the best, unbiased news to all of its subscribers.  It does this by providing several different topics in both their daily issues, as well as their weekly issues.

Some of the more popular sections in the Ottawa Citizen include:

News:  The latest news that is happening and what it is that you should know about it.

World:  All of the news that is happening around the world.  No matter how far away from Canada it may be, this Is the world news that has an impact no matter what country you live in.

City:  The best local news from around the city.  If you are a subscriber to the Ottawa Citizen, there is a good chance that you live in or around the Ottawa area.  This means that you are going to want to be up to speed on anything that is happening around your home.

Sports:  All of the latest and greatest when it comes to sports, be it the scores of last night’s games, or an update about an injury to a star player.  Everything sports can be found in this section.

Arts:  There is a saying that art is community.  This is where you will find everything you could want to know about the arts around the community.

Business:  Another important section, here you will be able to keep tabs on just about everything that is business related.

While the Ottawa Citizen has had a very colorful past and a history to match, there is a reason why it has outlived and outlasted all of the competitors and rival newspapers in the area.

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