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New Report Shows Amazon Guilty of Hosting Banned or Unsafe Products

Perhaps the largest consumer store and shopping service online, Amazon has led the way when it comes to being able to find just about anything that you are looking for. However, there has been recent issue of many things that are able to be purchased on their website, and these are unsafe items, and even items that are completely banned by federal regulations and laws. There are numerous toys for children that don’t have health risk information on them, medications are available as well that don’t have any warnings, dosage information, and more, and even sleep mats that have been recalled and previously banned by the FDA.

The study led by the Wall Street Journal found more than four thousand items that aren’t safe, or should be banned and not allowed for sale on the website, and almost immediately, Amazon retaliated in force by changing the description or even removing most of the listings.

Amazon is even doing more of their own studies so they can see exactly what their third-party sellers are doing on their platform, and they’ve even come up with a compliance team that can furthermore help to regulate the goods being sold on the site.

Previously, as Amazon had always stated, they’re not liable for any claims that were made against them or the products on the site regarding third-party products and sellers, such as the hoverboard that exploded in Tennessee, USA, and burned a family’s home to the ground, however, they do fully support the cause that nobody should be receiving illegal materials that should have been recalled and are aiming to combat it even though their policy states that they don’t have to.

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