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John Travolta Talks to Silicon Valley in His New Movie

You know it’s always an interesting twist when an actor plays someone who ends up being a deranged and obsessed fan, as we once saw even in the late Robin Williams-starred movie “One Hour Photo”. John Travolta is on the latest list with the new movie he’s starring in called “The Fanatic”.

While growing up in New Jersey, of course being raised in the 1960’s, he envisioned that the world would eventually be like a scene out of the popular cartoon series called The Jetsons. He felt that someday everyone would be flying around in cars, but the start states that as of today, that the future had let him down. He stated that by the new millennium nothing was going on, so he decided to build a home where he can live like a true Jetson by having jets in his back yard and being able to connect to his home’s power. 

Despite his very serious on-screen persona in many movies, Travolta, currently sporting a freshly shaved head, is also extremely hilarious. The movie is about a crazed fan who accidentally turns into a psychotic stalker, and is written by none other than the former Limp Bizkit lead singer and lyricist, Fred Durst. The movie also features famous actor Devon Sawa, and as Travolta points out, it’s a very good example of how sometimes fans can go past the point of privacy and comfort, and that literally anyone has a bit of that “star-crazed” person in it. Of course there were numerous other questions answered in the interview as well, but most importantly he pointed out how much of a true nerd with confidence he really is!

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