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Canada Pledges $15 Million to Fight Amazon Wildfires and Water Bombers

President Emmanuel Macron decided to step into the Amazon wildfires yesterday after seeing just how out of hand is getting. The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is offering to send water bombers and fifteen million dollars in order to help Brazil and other countries in South America get a grip on the wildfires which have been blazing over the course of months, burning the rainforest in nearly half of the continent.

Trudeau announced during the G7 gathering this past weekend that they can’t just ignore the rainforests, since they’re such a crucial part of life over all of the earth. While the president of Brazil is accepting the wildfires as a natural cycle, millions of people and numerous countries are threatening to stop trading with Brazil and take other actions to boycott Brazilian goods for acting like it’s a natural thing. The rest of the world is extremely upset, needless to say.

While the wildfires that are burning at a record rate, there are also wildfires burning in other countries as well. After the first stage is coordinated and in place, there is going to take the world by surprise as the donation money is going to assist in helping to reforest those areas.

So why’s Canada offering so much? Well, for starters, they do understand the global climate change aspect of it all, and they also have had a significant increase in their own wildfires of the past year, with the Alberta forests climbing to a record high of 644 fired so far and losing over 803,000 hectares by the middle of summer alone.

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