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Job Characteristics Model Theory Definition & Meaning

What is the Job Characteristics Model Theory? It’s the year 2019, and there’s a specific theory that has been in place for a while now when it comes to work design. It started in the late 70’s and was very prominent in the early 80’s but it’s still used as a…

Indirect Relationship Definition & Meaning

What Does Indirect Relationship Mean? In this guide, we’re going to tell you about a very nice term that you may hear in a company or business, especially when it comes to affiliates and partnerships. This is the term known as indirect relationship. We’re going to talk…

Risk Neutral Definition & Meaning

What Does Risk-Neutral Mean as an Investor? Sometimes when it comes to investing, you may here some investors who are somewhat irrational and is too carefree to their own good. That is what most investors call risk neutral. Why? Well, because the investor will actually…

Impression Management Definition & Meaning

Impression Management Theory Definition, Meaning & Examples In this guide, we’re going to try to show you the power of influence. That, in the business world, is actually called impression management, as this is actually an entire process. What does it mean? It’s…

In Lieu Of Definition & Meaning

What Does In Lieu Of Mean? You often hear of the phrase “in lieu of” not just in everyday life, but also in the business sense. However, believe it or not, it’s often used incorrectly by many people. So what does it mean? Is there some secret to using the phrase? In…

Willingness to Pay Definition & Meaning

Willingness to Pay (WTP) Definition & Meaning In this article, we’re going to explain a very common business term that’s known subjectively as the willingness to pay, also known as WTP for short. We’re going to give you a solid definition so you can better…

5 C’s of Marketing

What are the Five C’s of Marketing? There are five different areas when it comes to marketing that have been put together in the acronym known as the “5 C’s”. In this guide, we’ll talk a little bit about each one, and let you know some insight into what makes…

Kinesics Communication Definition & Meaning

Kinesics Nonverbal Communication: Definition, Meaning & Examples Kinesic communication is something that you may hear of if you’re a business professional. People often think of it as kinetic communication, but this is actually not the correct term. The term is…

Quantity Theory of Money Definition & Meaning

Quantity Theory of Money Equation: Definition & Meaning In this little guide, we’re going to talk about quantity theory. Let’s see. You know the idea that money changes as the supply changes, right? Well, this is actually described in technical terms as quantity…
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